9 Harmful Hereditary Dental Problems You Should Know

The hereditary factor plays a very important role in the predisposition of a person to many dental problems. This means that there is a greater probability of suffering from an oral condition, regardless of oral health habits.


It is the absence of one or more teeth, whether temporary or permanent, that never formed due to genetic problems.

Cleft lip and palate

It is the craniofacial anomaly most related to hereditary antecedents. It involves the incomplete fusion of the lip with the palate.


It is an alteration in the size of the teeth that can be observed as excessively small.

Dental crowding and malocclusion

Genetics plays an important role in determining jaw size. A very small or very large jaw implies either a lack or excess of space, which can cause dental crowding, spaces, or gaps.

Periodontal disease and carie

Although genetics is not a direct cause of both diseases, it is considered an important factor in their predisposition.

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Early diagnosis and treatment of many of the aforementioned genetic dental problems contribute to the protection of gums and teeth.

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