Are tooth gems safe?

Gems, piercings, or jewellery (jewels) placed in the teeth were used by the ancestors in many cultures from the ancient Mayan civilization to the current area of Central America and Southeast Asia. It was a sign of power, hierarchy and beauty.

What are tooth gems or dental piercing

Some of the most common tooth gems that can be found in different sizes are: – Diamond – Crystal – Rubie – Sapphire

They are small jewels that adhere to the tooth surface by means of an adhesive. Some can be simple and placed in any area of ​​​​the tooth, while others cover the tooth completely.

How are these tooth gems applied

This procedure should be performed by an experienced, trained dentist, preferably someone in the field of cosmetic dentistry. They will clean the tooth surface and then place a cement-like product on the flat base of the gem so it adheres to it.

What are the risks and complications of tooth gem

The main negative effect of these procedures is localized demineralization of the tooth at the gem application site, damaging tooth enamel and affecting oral health while it increases the possibility of gum disease and tooth decay.

When should we put tooth gem

These jewels or gems are placed in stained places to hide or disguise imperfections and therefore display a healthy smile. They can be used when the teeth are not aligned, or the distribution of the space between them is irregular.

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