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Reasons why Bone Loss in the Jaw Happen

Bone is living tissue, made up of a compact layer on the outside and spongy tissue on the inside. As living tissue, dental bone cells are designed to self-destruct and regenerate over time, maintaining the jaw.

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What is the function of bones?

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All the bones of the body have the main function of providing support and stability to the muscles, but the bones in the mouth  fulfill a particular function...

1. Maxillary bone: As the largest bone in the upper part of the face, it forms the roof of the mouth (hard palate) and part of the eye socket (eye socket). This bone also contains the upper teeth.

2. Mandibular bone: As the strongest bone of the face, it forms the lower part of the jaw and the lower portion of the mouth,  containing the lower teeth.

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What are the consequences of bone loss in the jaw?

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One of the consequences of tooth loss is the affectation of oral health; however, at first sight, the profile and aesthetics of the affected person are known as facial collapse.

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