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How Can Tooth Pain Cause Chest Pain?

It seems a bit strange to associate dental pain with chest pain. Generally, when feeling pain, it is pointed directly to the affected area or near it.

What is dental pain?

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The pain of dental origin is the main reason for consulting a dentist. Dental pain comes mainly from the pulp, the innermost part of the tooth. It should only hurt when there is a cavity or trauma

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What is chest pain?

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Chest pain may not be due to an underlying disease, lifting heavy weights, receiving a blow to the chest, or swallowing a large chunk of food, although chest pain is often associated with a heart attack.

Tooth pain and chest pain

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Sixty percent of people across the world are unaware that tooth or jaw pain may be associated with or the first sign of an imminent heart attack. In fact, 90% of diseases, including cardiac disorders, have oral symptoms.

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