Dental Caries In Early Childhood

When we are born, our milk teeth have not yet appeared. However, if lost too soon (shedding when the next tooth comes in), the remaining teeth can move and obstruct the permanent ones.

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What are dental caries in children?

Caries in early childhood is associated with the breakdown or destruction of the dental enamel in milk teeth. The outer surface of the teeth is hard and made of different minerals.

What are the causes of tooth decay in children?

Caries in children have a multifactorial etiology, that is, they can be caused by various factors such as artificial or natural breastfeeding, diet, objects placed in the mouth, sweets and sugars, or carbohydrates.

Symptoms of dental caries in a child

– White spots begin to form on the teeth in affected areas. – You may see early decay in the tooth as a light brown color. – The cavity becomes deeper and turns a darker shade of brown to black.

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