Causes of Swollen cheeks on One or Both Side

The cheeks are the skin, muscle, and fat located on the sides of the face. They ensure that food does not come out of the mouth during chewing.

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Common Causes of Swollen Cheek

Dental abscess A dental abscess is one of the most frequent reasons for the need to consult with a dentist; in fact, it may be an emergency.

Facial injury After suffering a blow or trauma to the face, it is normal for swelling and redness to appear in the area; bruising may appear days after the event.

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Can swollen cheeks be treated at home?

Because swelling in the cheeks can be caused by many factors and some of them could be serious, it is always necessary to go to the doctor for tests to determine the origin of the swelling and the appropriate treatment.

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When to seek emergency treatment?

A person with swollen cheeks should seek emergency medical treatment when: – The swelling increases rapidly. – The swelling causes closure of the eye or obstruction of the airway. – The patient presents general malaise

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