Cavities Caused by Braces: 3 Other Problems From Bracket

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Orthodontic treatment is a dental specialty that corrects the position of the teeth to restore their function but one of the concerns many people have is whether there are cavities caused by braces.

Are there cavities caused by braces?

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Devices as such do not cause cavities; however, they facilitate the accumulation of bacteria and food debris trapped between the teeth. Brackets make it difficult to remove food debris, causing tooth decay.

What other problems can braces cause?

1. Gingiviti By favoring the accumulation of bacterial plaque, this condition increases the possibility of developing inflammation in the gum.

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2. Halitosi Halitosis or bad breath is one of the most common causes of consultation for patients with orthodontic appliances, but this is mainly due to bad hygiene.

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3. Ulcer They are caused by the rubbing of the appliances with the soft tissues of the mouth. They are not serious and do not represent a danger.

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