Crooked Teeth in BabieS

That which is transmitted from parents to children, presenting an inadequate relationship between the size of the jaws and teeth and can be transmitted between families.

Causes of Malocclusion in Babies: Heredity

Causes of Malocclusion in Babies: Acquired factor

Those habits that the baby or infant acquires in the first years of life; among them, we have digital suction, pacifier use, which influence the development of malocclusion.

Causes of Malocclusion in Babies: Abnormal habit

Here we have the presence of a typical swallowing, tongue or lip interposition, and oral breathing associated with adenotonsillar hypertrophy or allergic rhinitis.

Habits Cause Malocclusion: Digital Suction 

It is believed that when the child is bored, anxious, or tired is when digital sucking happens, harmfully affecting the development of its normal occlusion, leading the child to a different bite (Open Bite).

Pacifier or bottle sucking after one year of age is considered a harmful habit that can cause deformity in the teeth of small children and can cause open bite although less marked than thumb sucking.

Habits Cause Malocclusion: Use of pacifier, pacifier, or bottle

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