Crooked Teeth in Babies: 4 things you should know

What is dental crowding?

Dentists use the term dental crowding when referring to crooked teeth. It is usually caused by a marked difference between the size of the teeth and the jaws.

What causes dental crowding?

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Inheritance Many physical characteristics are determined by genetics. Thus, families can present overly small jaws or large teeth, and this is transmitted to children from generation to generation.

Abnormal habits The shape of various structures of the body is determined by the function they fulfill. Some habits can cause the bones to modify their growth, leading to changes in the shape of the jaws.

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Can dental crowding be normal during growth?

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The short answer is yes. It is very common to see children with crooked teeth. This happens because the first permanent teeth appear in their mouths around the age of 6, when the jawbones are still too small.

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