Dental Inlay vs Onlay: What are their differences?

One of the main reasons why someone goes to the dentist is for dental treatments, which includes dental inlay, onlay, and more.

What is a dental inlay?

Among the many types of dental restorations, some are conservative in nature since they maintain the integrity of the tooth as much as possible.

What is the difference between dental inlays and onlays?

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Unlike inlays, which are attached to the inside of the tooth without covering the cusp (the tooth that is bulky and prominent), dental onlays cover a little more of the tooth as they extend to one or more cusps.

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When are dental inlays placed?

Dental caries:  Estimated to be suffered by 2,000 million people according to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental caries are produced by the softening of the hard tissue of the tooth, causing the formation of a cavity

Endodontic teeth:  After root canal treatment, it is necessary to carry out a rehabilitation procedure, depending upon the loss of the tooth structure and if it is not very wide and does not involve cusps

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