13 Diseases of the Tongue you Should Know

Thrush, candidiasis, a fissured tongue, a hairy tongue, and glossitis can affect the overall health since the tongue is involved in vital aspects of daily life.

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Types of diseases of the tongue

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Cold sore These ulcers develop on the tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth. Stress affects its appearance as well.

Oral cancer Oral cancer is the abnormal growth of cells on the tongue. It occurs more often in men over the age of 40.

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Glossitis This inflammation can be caused by the consumption of spicy foods that engender subsequent irritation, alcoholic beverages, or excessive use of tobacco.

Fissured tongue If the tongue shows cracks at the top, known as a scrotal tongue or split (fissured) tongue. On some occasions, it causes discomfort and is generally accompanied by bad breath.

Geographical tongue This is a condition that often has no symptoms. Reddish spots appear on the tongue that has the appearance of a map.

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