Drinking Alcohol After a Tooth Extraction

The use of alcohol in medical or dental procedures dates back to ancient times when it was used to calm nerves before a procedure and “sterilize” the area or numb teeth before being extracted.

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What are dental extractions?

Dental extraction consists of removing a tooth from the oral cavity, performed when it is not possible to save the tooth and other treatments have failed.

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1. Simple extraction This is the most common procedure, where the affected area is numbed, and the extraction of the dental piece is carried out with specialized instruments.

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2. Surgical extraction This type of procedure is performed when the crown of the tooth has been weakened, fractured, or has not erupted, such as in the case of wisdom teeth. These extractions are performed under local anesthesia.

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Is it safe to drink alcohol after a tooth extraction?

It is best not to drink alcohol after tooth extraction, a blood clot must form to help with the healing process. It consists of the formation of granulation tissue that allows for the closure of the cavity after the procedure.

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