Excessive Saliva: Why My Mouth is Watering

Savoring food, chewing, and swallowing it without difficulty have a very close relationship with the amount of saliva produced in the mouth. Here the well-known adage applies: all extremes are vicious.

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What is Saliva used for?

Saliva is produced in the salivary glands. Every day, a person produces between 0.75 liters and 1.5 liters of saliva. Production peaks at the time of consuming food and reaches its lowest level during sleep.

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What is Hypersalivation?

Drooling is normal in the first two years of life, a stage in which the control of the muscles near the mouth has not yet developed. In other phases of life, it is an indicator that it is necessary to review the problem and find the cause.

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Causes of Excessive Saliva Production

Excessive saliva production, or sialorrhea, can be caused by seeing, smelling, or tasting food. Some people produce too much saliva when thinking about certain foods.

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