Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal & 5 Foods To Avoid

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Foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal are crucial, as dental injuries lacking prompt treatment can result in subsequent oral issues necessitating surgical remedies. This scenario applies to unattended cavities, tooth fractures, or gum disease.

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Food and Aftercare for Speedy Recovery

In the first six hours:  Following the procedure, it is recommended not to consume food and/or drinks. The first intake, after this time, should be soft, cold, or room-temperature foods.

Subsequent bleeding: Bleeding is normal after surgery. To prevent bleeding and facilitate healing, in the following 24 hours, do not rinse, brush the intervention area, or use a straw. Do not consume hot drinks, drink alcohol, or smoke.

What Foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

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Vegetable and fruit purees provide vitamins and minerals. However, it is recommended to avoid acidic fruits, as they can irritate. Vegetable soup and chicken broth are good options that are easy to consume, rich in nutrients, and contribute to hydration.  Boiled eggs or soft tortillas are a source of protein and nutrients.

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After the procedure, it is important to avoid foods that may irritate or affect the wound: 1. Avoid very hot and sugary drinks. This includes carbonated drinks and sodas. 2. Avoid the consumption of hard cheeses, cottage cheese, and pot cheese. 3. It is necessary to avoid the consumption of sticky products, candies, chewing gum, and similar products.

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