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Getting a Complete Oral Exam: When And Why It’s Important

Visiting the dentist and getting a complete oral exam often becomes tedious, either due to a lack of time, because it is not considered important, or fear. Many people schedule a  consultation for pain or discomfort in the mouth.

How many times should you go to the dentist?

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According to the Pan American Health Organization, it does not matter how many times you go to a dental office since each person has different needs. Thus, the treatment required will vary.

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Reasons to go to the dentist for a complete oral exam

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1. Troubleshooting: A dental consultation allows the practitioner to discover conditions early, avoiding future complications that threaten health.

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2. Economic savings: Although going to the dentist is a luxury for some due to the cost, it is wise to opt for prevention than for delayed treatment.

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3. Oral health care: The dentist is able to advise and offer guidelines to improve oral hygiene habits.

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