8 Effective Home Remedies for Dry Socket

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After a tooth extraction, aftercare is important to avoid complications and a possible infection that could delay recovery. In the postoperative phase, inflammation and intense pain may occur in the affected area.

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What is a dry socket?

When an extraction is performed, a blood clot forms in the space occupied by the tooth. It serves to protect the hole in the gums during the healing process.

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Who can suffer from dry sockets?

Bacterial contamination by food residues, liquids, or other substances that enter the mouth can cause a dry socket. In fact, it is the most frequent oral condition when wisdom teeth are extracted.

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Ways to prevent a dry socket

– Inform the dentist about the medications being consumed at the time of the intervention. Some can interfere with coagulation and cause a dry socket. – Do not use straws. – Do not consume hard or crunchy foods.

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