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How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out?

When people become parents, they begin an ongoing learning process; in fact, they may be overwhelmed by concerns about the fetus’ development in the womb, the eventual birth, and different stages of growth.

What are milk teeth and how are they formed?

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When we are born, all the organs of the body are ready to function independently; however, the teeth are not ready yet, and some problems may arise.

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When and how baby teeth erupt and fall Out

The loss of the first milk teeth usually occurs around 5 or 6 years of age, initiating a substitution sequence where the first to come out is the first to shed or fall out...

What should be done when a tooth begins to move?

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It is advisable not to force a loose too much, since the time that passes from when it starts to move and until it falls out can be quite long. Sudden movements can damage the permanent tooth or gums.

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