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How to drain a tooth abscess at home

Dental abscesses are sometimes asymptomatic but they often impede swallowing, eating, or drinking. At the slightest change or movement in the mouth, there can be an intense, sharp pain.

Types of dental abscess

1. Periapical abscess: located at the tip of the root and below the tooth caused by untreated decay. It generates pain and inflammation.

2. Gingival abscess: located on the edge of the gums, it generates inflammation. It can be red, swollen and sometimes it  bleeds.

3. Periodontal abscess: located between the bone and the gum,  presenting pain and inflammation in the affected 

Basic Symptoms of a Dental Abscess

– High fever – Appearance of pus on the skin of the face – Significant swelling of the face -more serious when the neck is affected – Swelling of the tongue or under it – Difficulty or inability to open the mouth – Difficulty or inability to swallow – Difficulty breathing

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