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How to get rid of gag reflex

An increased gag reflex can be a reason to hate dental appointments. No one likes feeling like they could throw up at any moment! But there is no reason to run away from that needed dental treatment...

What is the gag reflex?

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The gag reflex is a natural, involuntary bodily response that contracts the muscles in the throat to prevent a person from swallowing food or foreign objects that could cause illness, poisoning, or choking.

How does the gag reflex work?

In the back of the mouth are structures with very sensitive nerve endings which, when stimulated, activate an area of the brain that responds with muscle movements and spasms, popularly known as arcades.

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How to get rid of gag reflex?

Oral and topical medication Anxiolytics can be useful when the gag reflex is caused by nerves or anxiety. In any case, these must be prescribed only by a health professional.

Acupuncture This is a very old Chinese technique of alternative medicine, which stimulates specific points in the body, generating reflex inhibition while the dental procedure is performed.

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