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Marijuana and Dental Health

Marijuana and dental health have a very strong connection. Marijuana, also known as hashish, pot, or cannabis, is a mixture of crushed dried leaves and flowers of the herb called cannabis sativa.

On the other hand, the recreational use of marijuana, which contains psychoactive substances, is due to the relaxing sensation it produces with the objective of escaping from reality and/or managing anxiety.

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What is the relationship between marijuana and dental health?

Xerostomia  It is commonly known as dry mouth, it is the most common effect in marijuana users. This condition is caused by a disorder of the salivary glands that inhibits the production of saliva.

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Tooth decay After trying cannabis, a craving for sweets is generated. As a consequence of consuming this type of food, your dental health will be affected.

Recommendations to take care of dental health

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Quit smoking: Regardless of whether it is marijuana or tobacco, it is better not to smoke at all. If your gums bleed, go immediately to the dentist: To avoid bleeding gums, you must have good oral hygiene habits.

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