Permanent Grills

Permanent grills are a type of tooth cap artifact very similar to a crown. In fact, they can be considered as jewelry.

Characteristics And Differences With Dental Crowns

Material: grillz are made of different precious metals such as gold or silver, and they can be covered with small stones such as diamonds or quartz, giving them shine and color.

Color: Grillz can be the color of the metal used to make them, but  a pop of color can be added by placing small diamonds or quartz.

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Disadvantages Or Danger

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Food retention: it is very likely that grillz cause food retention Although they are custom-made, the teeth are not worn down so there will always be a space  where food debris is easily retained.

Caries and gingival disease: both will occur after long-term food retention.

Considerations And Care

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Maintenance: It is likely that after some time, grillz, especially those made entirely of metal, take on a less shiny and somewhat rough appearance.

Cleaning: as they are made of different textured and rough surfaces, a rigorous and delicate cleaning will be necessary, as the stones or metal can easily be damaged.

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