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Preventing Dental Cavities Under Crown

According to estimates from reports such as the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017, oral diseases affect around 3,500 million people worldwide, with dental caries being one of the most frequent pathologies.

What are dental caries?

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Dental caries is a condition that occurs when bacteria is deposited and when food debris (especially simple sugars) is broken down and converted into acids that create cavities.

What is a dental crown?

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A dental crown, also known as a “dental cap”, is a type of fixed prosthesis placed on the outside of the tooth when its structure is reduced or weakened.

Can I have cavities under a crown?

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It is a common belief that if part of the tooth structure has been replaced by an inert material, it will not suffer any damage. The truth is, although crowns are not affected by caries, the dental remnant underneath can still deteriorate.

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