What is a Root Canal Infection?  (6 Definitive Symptoms)

Root canal infections are common throughout the world; they are the main cause of pain and the most frequent reason for dental treatment urgency.  In this article, we will tell you what you need to know to assess your condition and take action to address it.

How are the teeth made?

Teeth are organs made up of several layers of hard tissue (enamel, dentin, and cement) that house the dental pulp. The dental pulp provides vitality to the tooth, carrying a blood supply and innervation. It transmits pain signals in the presence of any aggression, such as caries, fractures, or trauma.

What are root canal infections?

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A root canal infection centers around its potential to migrate beyond the confines of the root canal itself, reaching out to embrace the neighboring gum tissues.

What are the signs and symptoms of a root canal infection?

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In the presence of an infection in a root canal, the following symptoms may occur: 1. Mild pain is characterized as more annoying than painful. 2. Intense and unbearable pain, either spontaneous or when touching the tooth. 3. Pus discharge. Sensation of heat in the affected area.

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