Sinus Infection Tooth Pain: 5 Helpful Home Treatment

It is possible to have a toothache that does not originate from the usual dental injury. Its cause may be outside the oral cavity, but very close to it. Where? It would be in the paranasal sinuses. 

What is sinusitis?

It is the inflammation of the membranes of the nasal cavity, due to a bacterium or virus, that is, an infection.

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

Some of the signs that warn of the presence of a sinus infection are: – Headache – Pain in the molars / upper teeth – Abundant nasal fluid runny nose

Why does a sinus infection cause a toothache?

The paranasal sinuses are located around the nose. When they become inflamed due to an infection, such as sinusitis, they put pressure on the roots of nearby teeth, causing pain.

How to know if it is a sinus toothache or a dental infection?

A helpful sign is when a sinus toothache is felt in the upper molars and affects several teeth. Also, you may feel low in energy or feverish.

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