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6 tooth abscess stages

Dental infections are the most treated oral health problem of an emergency nature, since the mouth is exposed to millions of bacteria when we eat or put an object in our mouth.

What is an abscess?

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Dental or oral abscesses are a response to an infection in the tooth, gum, or jawbone caused by bacteria. They are generally localized as a result of a sac of pus.

Causes of dental carries

1. Poor hygiene and high-sugar diets as well as health conditions that suppress the immune system, medications, hormonal changes or some genetic conditions can cause cavities to appear.

2. Plaque and tartar buildup causes bacteria to adhere below the gum line, eventually causing disease and infection.

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3. Injuries caused in or around the tooth increase the probability of a dental abscess. These are usually caused by trauma or surgery; but in either case, the infection can spread to the root of the tooth or even the bone.

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