7 Strongest Natural Antibiotic For Tooth Infection

When bacteria enter the mouth and treatments are not provided to remove them or control their growth, they can enter the root of the tooth through tartar, cavities or fissures, or the gum through from a canker sore or ulcer that has been going on for a long time and has not had adequate care and hygiene.

What is a Natural Antibiotic?

The antibiotics that doctors and dentists prescribe are produced by the pharmaceutical industry. They serve to attack all kinds of bacteria and sometimes other microorganisms that are necessary to protect the body from disease

This antibiotics allowed the body to combat any pathogen that affected health.

What strongest natural antibiotic for tooth infection?

Honey is a natural product with different uses within the diet; however, due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties, it is sometimes applied to a wound - and in oral health to the site of the infection.

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