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Swollen Taste buds

Taste buds are a set of taste sensory receptors found on the tongue; they are the main recipients of the sense of taste.

What Causes Swollen Taste Buds?

Infectious diseases:  Viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, an infection of the oral cavity, or viral hepatitis frequently develop taste abnormalities...

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Autoimmune diseases:   Various autoimmune diseases are known to affect taste function. For example, patients with Sjögren’s syndrome show decreased taste acuity.

Itch:  An itchy tongue is a more common symptom in people who smoke and suffer from a syndrome known as “burning mouth syndrome.”

Burns:  Some foods due to their acidic pH can become erosive to the taste buds. Avoid consuming acidic and spicy foods...

Prevention of swollen taste buds, when to go to the dentist? 

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Taste bud homeostasis is maintained by balanced cell turnover and differentiation. Tongue abnormalities may provide a diagnostic and therapeutic clue for dentists.

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