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Throbbing tooth Pain: Causes and 5 Recommended Treatment

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Dental pain can affect the normal development of daily activities. This is the main reason why most people visit the dentist every year.

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What is throbbing tooth pain?

It is a throbbing and intermittent pain that comes and goes, and occurs suddenly or gradually. Depending upon the cause, it can last minutes, hours, or even days.

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What are the possible causes of throbbing tooth pain?

The main causes of stabbing pain are: – Broken or mismatched restorations (resins, crowns) – Gum disease – Dental infection – Erupted or impacted wisdom teeth

What is the recommended treatment for dental pain?

1. Broken, misaligned or dislodged restorations When biting down on something hard, during a habit of clenching the teeth, or when the restorations are very old, they tend to become damaged or mismatched.

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2. Gum disease It is known as gingivitis and in more advanced stages as periodontitis. This disease is the main cause of dental loss worldwide since it degenerates the bone that supports the teeth such that they become loose.

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