What Are Tonsil Stones? (5 Effective Prevention Tips)

Tonsil stones, also called “tonsilloliths or tonsilloliths,” are small lumps that grow on the tonsils from hardened material and begin as small yellowish spots. These grow little by little until they become large stones or stones. 

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What do tonsil stones look like?

It is possible that they are large in size since they can measure up to 1 cm, but they can also be 1-2 mm in size and this makes it difficult to see them; Rarely, some studies have recorded stones measuring more than 4 cm.

What are the symptoms of tonsil stones?

Bad breath (halitosis): People may experience severe bad breath, due to bacteria or possibly an infection.

Cough: When you feel a foreign body, it can cause an annoying and uncomfortable cough .

Earache: They can develop in any area of ​​the amygdala, It is possible that they affect some nerve pathway that it shares with the ear, this can radiate the pain, even if it does not touch the ear

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