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What is an Onlay

Onlays replace less of the healthy tooth than a full crown. Therefore, they are a more conservative treatment option, where the carving seeks to preserve the periphery of the tooth as much as possible, limiting it to the masticatory surface.

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What is a dental inlay?

Dental inlays are a form of indirect restorations, meaning they are crafted outside the mouth using a plaster model of the damaged area, such as a cracked tooth, that requires reconstruction.

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What materials are used in the inlays?

Composite resin: They are inlays made of the same resin material used in dental fillings, but they have greater shape stability, greater resistance, and better adaptation.

When Are onlay-type dental inlays indicated?

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Onlays are considered the appropriate treatment in cases of tooth damage from decay or fracture where a filling would not suffice, but a crown would be a very aggressive option.

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