What is tartar?

In any dental practice, patients have always been informed that bacterial plaque is deposited on the gum margin and plays an important role in the development of periodontal disease.

How does tartar affect teeth and gums?

When the tartar reaches below the gumline, it is known as subgingival tartar, and it develops in the blood vessels within the gums.

How to prevent tartar buildup?

1. Brushing  at least twice a day for two minutes is perhaps the main reason why tartar does not form. If we apply a brush with less time, for example, 30 seconds, it will not remove plaque or prevent tartar.

2. The selection of a suitable brush is very important when applying the paste and depending upon the conditions of each person, it can be soft or hard.

3. Toothpaste: it is important to have a toothpaste that helps control tartar or, in the best of cases, fluoride toothpaste. In different studies, it has been shown to be better at preventing cavities and, in turn, tartar.

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