Which Antibiotics for Tooth Infection?

Generally, antibiotics for tooth infections are consumed orally, that is, through the mouth in the form of syrup or solids such as capsules and tablets. The oral cavity is the beginning of the digestive system. As it is exposed to outside the body, it is not an aseptic cavity, that is, free of microorganisms. On the contrary, it is an area rich in oral flora that generates a biofilm that adheres to teeth, facilitating bacterial multiplication in ideal conditions of temperature, humidity, and certain nutrients.

Which Antibiotics for Tooth Infection?

In general, the antibiotic of choice is amoxicillin, hence penicillin, due to its safety and broad spectrum of action. It fights any type of bacteria and is easy to handle.

Odontogenic Infection

Infections or abscesses in the oral cavity are common dental problems caused by caries, bacterial infections, injuries to dental tissues, or certain dental procedures. They are one of the main causes of a dental consultation and a prescription for antibiotics.

When to use antibiotics for a dental infection

The treatment  for an infection is not always managed with antibiotics; however, there are two cases where your dentist may indicate such management: – When a dental procedure is performed that requires special care due to the risk of bacterial spread or growth. It is indicated as prophylaxis, a minor pre-procedure treatment.

What antibiotics are used for a dental infection?

There are currently more than 150 different strains of bacteria that can grow in the mouth. Thus, the type of antibiotic prescribed depends upon the specific bacteria causing the infection. The various classes of antibiotics for tooth infection have been found to be effective in attacking bacteria in different ways.

Can antibiotics stop tooth infection pain?

Antibiotics are effective in fighting infections, and, therefore,  the symptoms will begin to decrease, such as pain, inflammation, and tenderness. However, this decrease is not the direct activity of the antibiotic, since complete treatment for a dental infection could include analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories. 

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