5 Tips If Your Tooth Fell Out


Do not rub the tooth or scrape it to remove debris. This damages the root surface, which may make the fallen tooth less likely to survive.

Careful manipulation of the fallen or avulsed tooth

If the fallen or avulsed tooth is dirty, you should pick it up by the crown and rinse it under cold running water for only 10 seconds, and then reimplant it, but never leave it in a container of water while it is being reimplanted. 

Rinse the fallen or avulsed tooth

– Water – Saliva – Milk

Where Should I Store The Fallen Tooth?

It is important to remember that we should not self-medicate and much fewer use antibiotics indiscriminately, so the use of antibiotics will only be indicated by the professional.

What Medicine You Should Take?

Go to your dentist promptly, preferably within an hour, and not forgetting your fallen tooth in case you have put it in a glass. 

Ask For The Right Help 

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