Chipped or Broken Tooth Treatment & Repair

The problems our teeth present go beyond just dental caries; sometimes there can be discomfort, ranging from the slightest to  strongest pain, even to an almost unbearable level. It can be caused by a dental fracture. When we talk about dental fractures, we imagine they result from an accident or  strong impact that affects the mouth.


Teeth have a very complex, interesting, and unique internal and external mineral structure; each  has the necessary volume and shape to perform the work for which they were designed: the anterior teeth are made to cut and tear food, while the rear ones  grind food. All together, they create  the phonation and swallowing systems.


The American Association of Endodontics classified dental fractures into 5 types:

1. Superficial fractures.

2. Dental cusp fracture.

3. The fractured or broken tooth itself.

4. Dental fracture with separation of structures.

5. Vertical root fracture.


The treatment of a fractured tooth depends upon the location, direction, size, and angle of the fracture. Superficial fractures are easy to detect and  manage; they are usually treated with a restoration or crown.

Fractures where the dental pulp has been affected will require prior root canal treatment and a crown to protect the tooth.In the worst cases, a fractured tooth cannot be repaired, especially when the fracture has reached the dental root.

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