How do braces work, and how do they fix your teeth?

The object of work of orthodontics is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of dentomaxillofacial anomalies, based on the use and control established by the clinician through different fixed or removable appliances.

How do braces work? 

– It can cause the deformation of the body on which it is acting (traction or compression). – May cause translation or displacement of the body. – May cause body rotation (M).

Characteristics of a force 

– Traditional metal appliances. – CERAMIC appliances. – Self-ligating devices. – Invisalign – Invisible braces.

Variety of Brackets and their physical properties in orthodontic treatment

– Price – Treatment with porcelain brackets is cheaper, as the sapphire crystal is a better material and therefore more expensive.

Advantage of Porcelain: 

– Endurance – Although whenever you have any fixed orthodontic system, it is necessary to be careful with the food, porcelain brackets are a little less resistant – Esthetic

Disadvantages of Porcelain: 

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