Menopause and oral health: 7 effects of hormone change

Menopause and oral health have a lot of connections. It is a stage in the life of every woman that manifests between the ages of 45 and 50. During this period, many physical changes are experienced due to the decrease in hormone production estrogen and progesterone. The symptoms are the well-known hot flashes, headaches, and irritability.

What is the connection between menopause and oral health?

Generally, many women are unaware of the oral problems associated with menopause because this stage has other physical and psychological implications that seem more relevant.


Hormonal changes during menopause cause the salivary glands to secrete less saliva. In addition, the habitual consumption of certain drugs at this stage of life can increase the risk of suffering from the so-called dry mouth syndrome or xerostomia.

Periodontal disease and bone loss

Osteoporosis problems are present during menopause, leading to a lack of bone density that also affects the oral cavity. Several studies link osteoporosis with periodontal disease. This can affect the maxillary bones, thus causing periodontal disease to appear and become more pronounced. 

Burning mouth syndrome

This is one of the most common postmenopausal problems. It is characterized by an intense burning and a sensation of burning, tingling, or numbness, mainly on the tongue while also affecting the gums and lips. 

Desquamative gingiviti

Another common problem that occurs with menopause consists of the loss or separation of the outer layers of the gums, leaving the root of the tooth exposed and, therefore the nerve endings.

Thinning of the buccal mucosa

As a consequence of the reduction in hormone production, the mucous membranes of the mouth, like those of the entire body, become more vulnerable, fragile and weakened.

Root caries

This condition occurs as a consequence of desquamative gingivitis since it leaves the root of the tooth exposed to external agents; food remains deposited in the area generate bacteria.

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