5 best pressure point for toothache relief

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a technique of Chinese alternative medicine (natural and holistic) that consists of putting pressure on certain points of the body, using the fingers or other devices to control symptoms such as pain or nausea.

5 pressure point for toothache

If you are experiencing an acute toothache and cannot be treated by a dentist at the moment, you may apply acupressure to the main following points for different types of toothache as they can be very useful.

SI 18 or small intestine 18 is one of the most important and the best pressure point for toothache; thus, it is frequently used as a first aid recovery point.

First Aid Pressure Point (SI 18)

ST 6 or stomach 6 is another important acupressure point for tooth pain relief. It is located on the cheek, equidistant between the corner of the mouth and the earlobe.

Jaw Pain Relief (ST 6)

LI 4 or large intestine 4 is an extremely popular acupressure point for curing all types of chronic pain. In fact, it is the most common solution for quick toothache relief.

Anti-Inflammatory (LI 4)

This point gives quick results for toothache relief. People generally press it because of nausea, tiredness, and stress. It is located below the knee.

Stomach (ST 36)

This pressure point for toothache is located at the top of the shoulder, right in the middle between the end of the shoulder and the neck. It is used to relieve facial pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Gallbladder (GB 21)

When should i go to the emergency department or a dentist

– Fever – Severe pain – Bleeding from the mouth – Swelling in the mouth, face, or neck – Problems swallowing or breathing – Difficulty seeing or double vision

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