What's A Dental Deep Cleaning 

Dentists almost always recommend follow-up visits twice a year to perform the procedure of deep cleaning teeth and evaluate your oral health; however, for many people, this can be a time of stress due to the sound of the dental equipment.

What's A Dental Deep Cleaning?  When should it be applied?

Is a common name for a procedure called periodontal scaling and root planing. It may be similar to the standard cleaning you get from a dental hygienist. Both involve the removal of plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line to treat or prevent periodontitis.

Symptoms of gum disease include:

– Swelling

– Gums red or purple

– Bleeding

– gum

– Bad breath

– Pus between teeth

– Painful chewing

– New spaces between teeth

– Changes in the bite

– Loose or falling teeth


Diagnosis: It is possible that before the treatment, the dentist in an assessment consultation will perform an X-ray to define which areas require intervention.

Tartar removal and surface polishing:  Dentists use a scaling tool to reach under the gums and clean away bacteria

The advantages and disadvantages of performing dental deep cleaning

Once considered the optimal treatment for periodontal disease, regular cleaning is no longer enough since scaling and root planing can reduce inflammation and give your teeth a chance to heal.



How much does a deep dental cleaning cost?

Deep cleaning teeth is necessary and recommended at least once a year. Ental insurance may cover a part of the cost since this procedure is likely to be included in the services they provide. What other options are available:

Dental insurance helps with the costs of oral health care. Some dental clinics or offices may offer payment options, or membership discounts. Dental schools may offer their services at a lower cost.

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