Stages and Cause of Tooth Infection Spreading to the Bone

Tooth infection spreading in the oral cavity has multiple causes, such as genetic conditions, having a disease that compromises the immune system and weakens it, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and dental extraction, or gum disease not treated on time.

Stages in which an abscess develop

An abscessed tooth is an infection caused by bacteria entering the center of the tooth (the pulp), which can spread from the tooth’s root to the bone.

Causes of Tooth Infection

Tooth infection spreading can occur from caries to a dental fissure, accompanied by poor oral hygiene allowing the entry of bacteria.

Osteomyelitis (Mandibular Necrosis)

Osteomyelitis arises as a consequence of a chronic periapical infection or pathologies that obstruct blood flow, leading to bone death and necrosis. Classification is according to time, nature, and characteristic

Diseases that may appear and treatment

It is possible that before diagnosing or starting any type of treatment, your dentist may carry out certain diagnostic tests to properly guide treatment management. Some examples are x-rays, computed tomography, inspection at the site of infection, and/or thermal tests to identify gum sensitivity.

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