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Flexible alternative to insurance. Members pay a low yearly fee to receive FREE Exams & X-Rays and 20-40% discounts off all dental services. After enrolling in the plan, just show your member ID at a participating dental office to take advantage of plan discounts.

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FREE Dental Exams
20 – 40% Savings
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FREE Dental Exams
20 – 40% Savings
No Annual Maximums
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Dental Plan FAQ

The Dental Plan gives you access to savings on a variety of dental services. Dental Plan highlights and membership advantages include:

Membership Advantages

  1. FREE Exams
  2. FREE X-Rays
  3. LOW yearly membership fee
  4. GUARANTEED acceptance
  5. IMMEDIATE plan activation
  6. NO annual maximums
  7. NO claim forms to submit
  8. LARGE selection of participating offices
  9. 20%-40% off all dental services including Cosmetic and Specialty such as periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and pedodontics

After enrolling the Dental Plan, you will receive a welcome letter and ID card(s). A OneSmile Dental Plan Description of Services/Disclosure form can be found online on the Support page or call (833) 41 – SMILE (417-6453). If you are a Dental Plan member, login to your membership account. If you would like to become a member, click the Join Now button at the top of this page.

No. It is NOT INSURANCE. It is a licensed discount medical plan, providing access to a discounted fee schedule negotiated by The CDI Group, Inc. Save on your dental care such as cleanings, examinations, x-rays and more. You (member) will be required to pay for all health care or dental services, but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with The CDI Group, Inc. Participants are responsible for paying the provider for services received.

No. There are no restrictions on participation, regardless of your age or conditions which existed prior to your enrollment.

All individuals, spouses, domestic partners, dependents, and family members may sign up. If you sign up for “Family plan,” all members of your immediate family currently living in your household can take advantage of the discounts. Any new family members may also be enrolled. If you sign up for “Individual” and want to sign up family members later on, please login to your account and click the Upgrade Your Plan button. Please refer to the Description of Services and Disclosure Form for more information.

Getting started is easy. Complete the online application form and pay the low annual fee to receive discounts on all of the dental care you need. After joining, simply show your member ID card at a participating dental office to take advantage of your Dental Plan savings.

The program provides discounts for services or treatment that may not be covered by your dental insurance plan.  If you have dental insurance, you should discuss with your participating dental provider.

Eligibility for the plan begins when payment for the plan is successfully processed. You may begin using your plan immediately. Once your cards are printed or received, contact one of the participating providers and schedule your appointment.

Dental Plan members can login to their online account. Within the Membership Services page you can re-print membership cards and even upgrade to add-on additional members. If you do not have an online account or access to a computer or a printer, please call us toll-free at (833) 41 – SMILE (417-6453) to request additional ID cards and/or replacement cards.

You may use the program as often as you wish. Enjoy unlimited access for an entire year. There are no limits on how often you and your family can use the program as long as your membership is effective.

Yes, payment is due at the time of service, unless you have made alternative payment arrangements directly with the provider. All payments and services are between the specific Dentist and Patient with no implied or express warranty from The CDI Group, Inc. The CDI Group Inc. does not pay for services.

Simply ask the dental office staff to call our toll-free Dental Plan  number at (833) 41 – SMILE (417-6453) listed on your ID card, and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to provide the necessary information to your dental provider. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00AM – 7:00PM CST.

Use our online Provider Search to find a participating dental office near you. Or, call us toll-free at (833) 41 – SMILE (417-6453) to find participating Dental Plan provider.

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