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Heather O.
My husband had a some work done and was very pleased with the office. The staff are very nice and helpful. The Dr was fantastic.
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Edwin G.
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Cory C.
Excellent. I was attended to right away, the work was done and I was on my way. The service and speed was better than any other dentist's office I've ever been to.
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In the course of a routine dental examination, your dentist might inform you about the necessity of a root canal—a relatively non-intrusive dental solution.

Root canal treatment, or endodontics, becomes essential to salvage a tooth that, if neglected, would demand extraction. This procedure acts as a last-resort measure to retain a compromised tooth, sparing the patient from resorting to prosthetics or implants.


Two main reasons can cause this damage:

 • When a tooth experiences a significant impact, whether it fractures or not, it may lose its vitality.

root canal services

 •  Untreated cavities can lead to infections that extend to the dental pulp over time.

root canal dental services

Root Canal symptoms

• Tooth sensitivity

Young woman with sensitive teeth and hand holding glass of cold water with ice. Healthcare concept.

Extreme tooth sensitivity, beyond the usual reactions to hot or cold, may suggest underlying issues like decay or fractures, prompting consideration for a root canal evaluation with your dentist in Oxnard, Santa Paula, Ventura, Port Hueneme, and Newbury Park

• Chewing pain or sudden pain

Young black man holding cheek in chair at dentist, having toothache.

If chewing becomes painful despite the absence of visible issues in your teeth or gums, it could be a sign of an underlying problem, possibly warranting a root canal.

In addition to chewing discomfort, those requiring a root canal may suddenly feel sharp, shooting pains in a particular tooth.

• Darkening of a dental piece

One of the common triggers for needing a root canal is a traumatic event or blow to one of your teeth.

It’s possible that a tooth may have broken without your awareness. If the trauma has impacted the tooth’s nerve, you may observe changes in tooth discoloration due to altered blood flow in the affected area.

Gum inflammation

Root canal treatment becomes essential when the root of a tooth is compromised by decay or trauma. This pulp-related issue commonly results in inflammation in the gums and surrounding soft tissues.

Inflammation in the gums could be a sign of an infectious process in the root, suggesting a more immediate requirement for a root canal.

•Bad taste in the mouth and bad smell

Shot of a handsome young man smelling his breath during his morning grooming routine

Neglecting an infectious process in the tooth’s root can lead to an abscess with pus, causing an unusual taste in your mouth and bad breath.

Root canal treatment effectively addresses and treats these two discomforting symptoms.

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Our team in Oxnard, Santa Paula, Ventura, Newbury Park, and Port Hueneme is dedicated to focusing on your visit, ensuring a timely diagnosis, and guiding you to the best treatment for restoring your best smile.



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