Zoom Whitening

From $50 Per Month With Approve Credit

Boost Your Confidence with Zoom Teeth Whitening at Channel Islands Family Dental

Zoom Whitening

From $50 Per Month With Approve Credit

Boost Your Confidence with Zoom Teeth Whitening at Channel Islands Family Dental

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening

You’re probably familiar with teeth whitening treatments that are available today. Zoom teeth whitening is an effective option for anyone whose teeth are not as white as they can be. Using a powerful bleaching technique, zoom whitening will make the enamel and dentin lighter. This innovative whitening technique uses a 25% peroxide gel and a bleaching lamp to restore the natural white appearance of teeth.

As a safe and effective tooth whitening option performed by our expert dentist, this procedure is performed quickly and in our office. Often taking only 90 minutes, busy individuals such as yourself can have immediate results.

The Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Teeth can become discolored for many reasons. The most common reasons are; aging and substances that stain the tooth. If you drink coffee and soda, you smoke or drink red wines, the color of your teeth will change over time.

Two types of staining can happen to your teeth. Extrinsic stains are the most common and happen when the color of your tooth is changed externally. This can be fixed easily with whitening procedures.

Intrinsic stains occur below that enamel. If the staining of your teeth has penetrated the enamel, we may have to take alternative steps to correct the discoloration. In this case, standard teeth whitening options will not be helpful.

Dr. Askari will assess your situation and provide the best possible options for restoring your vibrant white smile.

How Does it Work?

With the peroxide gel and light treatment working together, you can achieve a whiter smile. As the peroxide breaks down due to the specialized light, it can penetrate the tooth and bleach the discoloration.

As a safe method, zoom teeth whitening does not alter the tooth leaving the structure as it previously was.

The Procedure

We do our best to keep you comfortable and entertained during this procedure. For our patients who have anxiety at the dentist’s office or who have a gag reflex, we will discuss options for your comfort during your consultation.

We begin by preparing your gums and lips to keep them protected from the gel and light. Zoom whitening is performed in 15-minute increments, the number of these sessions vary depending on your comfort and the whitening necessary.

Once we apply the gel, we use the light to activate it. Between each 15-minute session, we will remove the gel and reapply it. Once the sessions are completed, we then apply a fluoride gel that sits on your teeth for 5 minutes.

Zoom teeth whitening is a safe and long-lasting procedure that will give you confidence with whiter teeth.




The entire experience was great. The dental assistant or hygienist was very thorough and the dentist was just great. So much better than expected!!
maleeah akira
maleeah akira
Todo el personal fue muy amable. Pero no me gusto porque no me hicieron limpieza de mis dientes en la primera cita sólo radiografía. Lo ciento por mi comentario

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