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Anibal H.
Anibal H.
Maria V.
Maria V.
Gracias ,doctor ,y personal, me atienden muy amablemente, su trabajo es bueno,
Thomas H.
Thomas H.
Veronica R.
Veronica R.
I just want to share the good service that I experienced. The staff are welcoming & Dentist is caring , explains work that will be done , answers all questions along with concerns! Thank you for your care!!
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When it’s the correct time to visit a dentist for a checkup?

In Channel Islands Family Dental Office, we know our patients’ needs are different. So, we need to check you and based on the condition of your teeth, mouth, gums and your habits, we can estimate how often you should come to our offices. However, in children, we recommend visiting our dentist at least every six months.

Tools for dental care on pink background, top view
Do you accept my insurance plan?

In Channel Islands Family Dental Office, we accept more than ten dental insurances. Some of them are the next:


-Gold Coast

-Medi Cal


And more! Click here to check all the dental insurances we accept.

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How do I book an Appointment?

At Channel Islands Family Dental, we provide a wide range of dental services at our various branches. Improve your smile and health with us.Feel free to call and book your appointments today with our dentist in Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Newbury Park and Port Hueneme.

Interested in our service? Just pick up the phone and call us.











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What services do you offer in Channel Island Family Dental Office?
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In Channel Islands Family Dental, we offer all the dental services you can imagine. Some of them are the next:

Dental Extraction

Wisdom Teeth

Dental Implant

Dental Fillings

And more. We recommend you click here to check all the dental services we offer in our offices.

What equipment and precautions you have to ensure patient safety?
Dental Equipment

We follow strictly all the latest government regulations advice and guidelines regarding dental equipment, decontamination, and cross infection. Also, our team is well trained in techniques about sanitation to protect our patients.

I’m nervous to go the dentist. Can you help me?
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Sure! Our team is very sympathetic and friendly. We know you will feel comfortable in our offices. Also, you can call us and explain to us your situation to prepare the perfect place for you.If you haven’t seen a doctor for a long time ago, you may be really worried about the number of treatments you need. However, sometimes is easier than you imagine. Just pick that phone up and make an appointment soon! We will help you with the rest.

I have no pain in my teeth. It is necessary to visit the dentist?
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Yes, it’s necessary. Let us explain why. Some dental problems, for instance, tooth decay and gum disease, don’t cause pain after they were well advanced. At this time, it’s more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to treat those dental problems. In our checkups we will give all the alternatives you have to control any dental problem or if your teeth are completely healthy, we give you some advice to maintain your teeth.

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