Cavities Caused By Braces

cavities caused by braces

Cavities Caused By Braces

There are different ways to straighten teeth. One of them is braces and orthodontics that are used to correct bite and defective dental malocclusion.

At present, orthodontic treatment is growing, but there is still the prejudice of patients who link the appearance of cavities during orthodontics, and this discourages many patients from starting treatment.

There will always be myths on this subject causing us to delay or not make the right decision. . Still, in most cases, orthodontics is not a luxury but rather a necessity for cosmetic improvements and oral health.

Is it true that braces cause cavities? Cavities Caused By Braces

Orthodontic appliances themselves do not cause cavities, but they make it easier for bacteria and food debris to get trapped between the teeth and the appliance, making hygiene difficult.

That is why it is advisable to treat damaged teeth with carious lesions and perform a dental cleaning before starting the treatment. If not, these cavities could worsen, causing a larger injury and even cause pain.

Care and hygiene during the use of braces. Cavities Caused By Braces

Dental appliances or braces retain more food and make it more difficult to remove bacterial plaque, so it is very important to increase the frequency of brushing, as well as its duration.

  • Brushing each tooth carefully will take a little more time and dedication, but this will prevent tartar problems or other types of infections from forming.
  • The brushing time of a patient who wears braces will be between 5 minutes to 8 minutes.
  • Keep teeth and gums extremely clean. If your gums bleed, it means that they are inflamed because you are not brushing well. Try to do it in front of a mirror to help you.
  • It is necessary to brush after each meal to remove food from the bracket supports and not accumulate food debris.
  • The special use of the orthodontic brush, dental floss (we recommend Superfloss dental floss), Interprox (small brush) and toothpaste is necessary. This is to be able to perform a better dental cleaning and it is best to buy a portable kit and always carry it with you. The less time residues have to settle on the teeth, the probability of dental disease decreases.
  • It doesn’t matter what brand or type of brush you use, but don’t use those with stiff bristles because they can harm your gums in the long run.
  • The use of mouthwash is necessary to ensure that we remove all debris particles and microorganisms. You have to rinse after brushing for about 30 seconds by swishing. You can do it with water or with a specific mouthwash.

If you want to know more about the treatment and care you should have during the Orthodontic process, we recommend you schedule an appointment at Oxnard Dentist, Ventura Dentist, Port Hueneme Dentist, Newbury Park, and Santa Paula Dentist, where our professionals are trained to provide you with a good alternative for improving your oral health.

Recommendations during the use of braces Cavities Caused By Braces

While you have braces, it is important to follow a balanced diet and take into account the following:

  • Snacks and fruit should be cut into small pieces before eating.
  • Sticky foods like chewing gum and toffee should be avoided.
  • Do not eat hard things like popcorn, candies, almonds, etc.
  • Avoid sugary foods as these can make plaque build up more easily around braces.
  • Avoid biting your nails and pens.

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cavities caused by braces cavities caused by braces cavities caused by braces 

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