Alternative to Root Canal

Alternative to Root Canal

Alternative to Root Canal

The treatment of root canals or endodontics is the most frequent alternative when the tooth is affected by different circumstances, from complications due to the presence of cavities, reasons for the rehabilitation of teeth, or dental trauma. It is about giving the tooth an opportunity to remain in the oral cavity, fulfilling its proper function for a period of time, preferably in the long term.

Is it true that a tooth with root canal treatment is destined to be lost? Alternative to Root Canal


For a root canal treatment to be durable, first, the tooth must be adequately rehabilitated to avoid fractures, which is the reason why teeth are most frequently lost after endodontics. If the natural structures are not properly protected when excessive forces are applied, the tooth does not resist and tends to break. Hence, a good choice of the type of final restoration that the tooth will receive is important. Another reason why a root canal may not be successful is the persistence of bacterial flora within or around the roots, which comes from the presence of cavities or inappropriate handling during asepsis or disinfection of the treatment, which results in a manifestation of infectious lesions in the medium or long term, which can be evidenced in radiographic controls and many times in the presence of symptoms such as pain, swelling, or mobility of the tooth.

What happens if the root canal or endodontic treatment has sequelae or symptoms after the treatment? Alternative to Root Canal


One of the most frequent alternatives to save a tooth that already has root canal treatment and presents discomfort due to recurrent infections is to go to periapical surgery. This means removing the area that presents infection generally located at the tip of the roots of the tooth, getting an access through the gum, giving the tooth the possibility to stay in the mouth properly. Generally, the response after this type of surgery is successful. Still, it is not always possible to use it in all cases due to anatomical factors or the length of the roots.


Another alternative in certain cases is the repetition of the root canal treatment or retreatment that occurs mainly in teeth that were not sealed with pins. This consists of redoing the root canal treatment in the hope of eliminating the causes that originate the discomfort, such as fillings too short, presence of infectious lesions, or incomplete root canals.


Once these two treatment alternatives have been exhausted for a tooth that has undergone endodontics if the tooth does not meet the appropriate characteristics for surgery or retreatment, there is no other option but to remove or extract the affected tooth. However, it is important to resort to the existing alternatives to prolong the tooth in the mouth before resorting to more invasive treatments such as the placement of dental bridges or the use of titanium implants.

How can you avoid complications after a root canal? Alternative to Root Canal

Ideally, the treatment should be carried out by a specialist who guarantees to perform all the procedures according to the gold standards of care indicated for each case. Another factor is the performance of an adequate rehabilitation for the tooth that guarantees long-term survival.

Root canal treatment is a safe, effective, and long-lasting alternative if it is carried out properly and all the indications given by the treating specialist are followed.

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