Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

Can Dental Health Cause Eczema

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Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

 Can Dental Health Cause Eczema? The term eczema or eczema is the name of any inflammation of the skin, known as dermatitis, which defines a set of skin diseases that have different causes.

Causes of eczema: One of the most frequent triggers are allergic-type reactions, whether by inhalation, ingestion, or direct skin contact with allergens.

Can Dental Health Cause Eczema? Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

Contact dermatitis caused by alginate 

Alginate is a material used for taking an impression of the oral cavity. These materials can be elastic and non-elastic. Non-elastic includes waxes, plaster, and thermoplastic materials. Elastic materials are classified as elastomeric and hydrocolloid.        

 Contact dermatitis is a type of delayed hypersensitivity that is controlled by cells, and it is they initiate tissue damage; it is called delayed because the lesions appear slowly after exposure to any of these materials described.

Allergic contact dermatitis due to acrylic resins Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

Dental cavities are restored with acrylic resins. These can also trigger allergic reactions in the oral mucosa, such as stomatitis, showing the red, bright, hyperemic, and edematous area burning sensation, itching, and taste alteration. These can be caused because the resins activated by light and chemically are in formaldehyde; as there is a total polymerization deficiency, this substance can remain in contact with the oral tissues and trigger the allergic reaction.

Latex allergy Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

Latex allergy is a type I reaction mediated by age, which presents with itching and redness, swelling due to direct local contact. In severe and distant advanced cases, it can present facial edema, conjunctivitis, fainting, anaphylactic shock, and other manifestations.

Allergy and hypersensitivity to products containing Eugenol. 

Eugenol is one of the most used and well-known products in temporary restorations. It is highly soluble in moist media (saliva), and the saturation of this product in the oral cavity can trigger toxicity and allergic hypersensitivity.

Allergy to metals for dental use 

Metals such as nickel, chromium, cobalt, and platinum are widely used in dentistry in their alloys for prosthodontic procedures and orthodontic appliances. Still, they can cause allergic contact dermatitis, since once in contact with the mucosa. Oral can cause alterations of the same.

Allergy to metals is triggered in people with allergic susceptibility, even at very low levels, which will not give high biological markers (blood, urine, hair). The most frequent sources of continuous or habitual contact with low levels of metals that can sensitize memory lymphocytes are Dental implants and restorations, metallic prostheses, medications and treatments with metallic salts, Dental implants, and restorations.

Symptoms of eczema due to dental materials 

Symptoms vary from person to person and also depending on the cause, but itching is usually the first to appear in most cases. Allergies in dentistry generally constitute delayed hypersensitivity reactions to dental materials. Dentistry’s type of allergic reaction occurs as a lesion on the skin or mucosa in a localized place, after contact with the material (allergen). Although true allergies to dental materials have been considered rare, these allergic reactions are on the rise today.

 However, the use of the materials cannot be discontinued, since these cases are not generalized. The ability to produce contact sensitivity is produced by the simple union between the chemical allergen (material), especially those of the epidermis and oral mucosa. It is essential to know the dental materials and other substances for stomatological use that cause clinical diseases in the oral mucosa. Allergies in dentistry generally have these symptoms in common: Lesions in the oral mucosa, redness, pain and/or itching, swelling.

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