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Impact of inhalers on dental health

inhalers on dental health

inhalers on dental health In recent decades, respiratory problems and diseases have increased in children, youth, adults, and the elderly, associated with different factors depending on where they live and the lifestyle they live; triggering respiratory diseases of viral or bacterial origin or inflammatory processes triggered by other factors. Diseases such as Ama, COPD, obstructive […]


dental health affects overall health

HOW DENTAL HEALTH AFFECTS OVERALL HEALTH  Oral health is important and is related to overall health and well-being. The mouth is full of various bacteria, including those related to tooth decay, periodontal (gum) diseases, and systemic diseases that affect overall health. These bacteria are usually kept under control with good oral hygiene, such as daily […]

How Does AIDS Affect Dental Health?

how does aids affect dental health

How Does AIDS Affect Dental Health? Today modern medicine faces a new challenge, a new diagnosis that has been added to the chapter on incurable diseases, at least up to what is known today. What is AIDS? How does AIDS affect dental health? Syndrome: a set of signs and symptoms that combined indicate the presence […]

Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?

Can Dental Health Cause Eczema?  Can Dental Health Cause Eczema? The term eczema or eczema is the name of any inflammation of the skin, known as dermatitis, which defines a set of skin diseases that have different causes. Causes of eczema: One of the most frequent triggers are allergic-type reactions, whether by inhalation, ingestion, or […]

Can Mental Health Affect Dental Health?

mental health affect dental health

CAN MENTAL HEALTH AFFECT DENTAL HEALTH? We do not usually give our oral health the attention it deserves. It is common to think that dental problems or diseases are less than other types of disorders or pathologies, perhaps because of how simple it is to replace the lack of teeth or because the discomfort that […]

Marijuana and dental health


Marijuana and dental health In the last decade, the use of cannabis or marijuana has ceased to be taboo. The multiple studies and investigations to discover the health benefits of marijuana use have played an important role in its acceptance by the general public. This was further promoted by the legalization of the use, purchase, […]

Stroke and Dental Health

stroke-and-dental health-reduced

Stroke and Dental Health Suppose you have been diagnosed with heart failure or someone close to you lives with this disease, it is vital that you know that it is a chronic disease that has no cure, for this reason you must inform your treating dentist, the professional will need the information you can provide […]

Dental Health And Heart Disease

Dental Healt and Heart disease

Dental Health And Heart Disease In recent years, oral health has become a very relevant topic for those who want to enjoy full general health. Also, oral health can provide doctors with warning signs for many diseases and conditions, including those in the heart.  The body depends on all its organs to function properly, considering […]

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