Cracked Or Broken Tooth Pain Relief

Cracked Or Broken Tooth Pain Relief

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Cracked Or Broken Tooth Pain Relief 

The problems that our teeth can present, goes beyond just presenting dental caries, sometimes there can be discomfort, ranging from mild to very strong pain to almost unbearable that can be caused by a dental fracture. When we talk about dental fractures we probably imagine that they are only caused by a very strong accident or receiving a strong impact in the mouth, however their origins may be due to much more “harmless” factors. Let’s review some of them:

What to do in the face of a dental fracture ?

One of the most frequent causes occurs when the dental pieces are exposed to forces that are not adequate according to the support or location they have and can reach the point of suffering fatigue in their hard structure and flex to a point that exceeds their flexing capabilities. and the structure can fracture. You must consider that these forces may have been applied consciously, such as when we perform chewing movements, or unconsciously when sleeping.

Cracked Or Broken Tooth Pain Relief


Cracked tooth classification

Frequent and/or excessive sudden changes in temperature in the mouth, that is, going from cold to hot or vice versa suddenly, can also lead to the same problem and is a frequent cause of dental fractures that can range from very minor or superficial injuries. , which generally result in the appearance of unattractive lines in the teeth, to sensations of sensitivity or hypersensitivity that can go from less to more depending on the structural damage that occurs, and can cause discomfort from very mild and sporadic, to very intense and frequent or permanent. The ideal is not to expose the teeth to very cold or hot temperatures, to ensure dedicated oral hygiene until you can go to the dentist when these symptoms begin to be felt, even mild ones, because they are indicative that something is happening with our teeth, and if it is of a dental fracture, in these cases, the treatment in the dental office is usually from protection with special desensitizers or cures with high quality resinous materials, achieving very good results. 1

And definitely the occurrence of accidents involving teeth, whether they are permanent or deciduous pieces, can lead to fracture problems with much more damaging results, that is why when practicing contact sports it is advisable to always wear mouth guards, fractures after falls in children and adults it is also very frequent, if this happens it is necessary to try to preserve the piece of tooth by immersing the piece in fresh milk so that in specific cases it can be reinserted in the space where it was located, and ensure oral hygiene using alcohol-free mouth rinses, if there is bleeding, a piece of gauze or cotton can be used with moderate pressure until the dental office is reached. Taking painkillers helps and taking antibiotics will only be under dental supervision.

Restoration procedures with inappropriate designs or materials for the case, which can cause greater generation of stress, for example: pieces that have had a lot of loss of dental structure, insufficient protection of remaining structures, placement of dentin pins, inadequate increase of dental material Restoration can lead to a dental fracture, if this occurs, it is likely that there will be very intense pain, so probably just taking analgesic or anti-inflammatory medication is not enough to calm the discomfort, in which case you should go to the dental office as soon as possible and the dental piece also needs other treatments such as endodontic or pulp treatment prior to the definitive reconstruction of the piece and wearing a dental cap or crown will be the definitive treatment with a good prognosis.

Cracked Or Broken Tooth Pain Relief

Occlusal trauma, occlusal factors, functional forces, bruxism, parafunctional habits, presence of foreign bodies in the mouth, tongue habits, oral accessories, piercings are also probable causes of dental fractures.

In the worst cases, a fractured tooth cannot be repaired, especially when the fracture has reached the dental root, it could originally cause intense dental pain, which can be treated with common analgesics, but there comes a time when the tooth is no longer it does not cause pain, because internally it no longer has vitality, . 3. in these cases there will be no other solution than to remove the piece and have to replace it with a dental bridge or ideally a dental implant.

In short, the prognosis for restoring a fractured piece can be excellent, good, poor or not good, it only depends on the moment it is identified and the way the fracture occurred..

Cracked Or Broken Tooth Pain Relief

How do we treat cracked or broken tooth pain relief? 

– In the presence of signs of mild or moderate discomfort due to a dental fracture, it is necessary to choose to stop applying from very cold or very hot temperatures or very hard foods.

– If the dental fracture is very sudden with loss of fragments or entire pieces, it is important to try to save the pieces because they could be used for the final treatment of the fractured piece.

– Apply adequate and dedicated dental cleaning with warm water and cleaning aids such as alcohol-free mouthwashes.

– Rinsing with warm salt water can relieve many of the pain after a dental fracture.

– Using basic pain relievers can help with mild or moderate discomfort.

What not to do in cracked tooth cases: Not at all !!!

– DO NOT USE, for any reason, homemade, industrial or cosmetic glues in the mouth because they can harm the success of the definitive dental treatment.

Definitely to do: 

– Seek dental treatment as soon as possible to go to one. Let a professional solve the problem that he presents in the most appropriate way for each case.

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