what to Know Before Getting the Braces

what to Know Before Getting the Braces

Last Updated on December 24, 2022 by Dr Gustavo Assatourians DDS

A smile is a beautiful curve that sets everything straight. Everyone dreams of a perfectly aligned set of teeth. With new inventions and awareness among peers about child and adult orthodontics, getting braces and perfect smiles is possible without being awkward at any age. At Channel Islands Family Dental Office, Dentists in Ventura, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme patients frequently ask a lot of questions before getting the braces, including their various types, duration, and do’s and don’t during the treatment.

What to Know Before Getting the Braces:

Thinking of going for braces, let’s get to know some important things before getting the braces:

Start with a consultation: If you are thinking of getting braces, the first and most important thing is to book a consultation with a specialist. Each patient is different so do his or her treatment needs. A specialist can very well explain the changes in facial profile, the time required to complete the treatment, and all other concerns. Here at Channel Islands Family Dental Office Dentist in Ventura, our patients are our priority. Any doubts before, during, or after treatment, we are just a call away.

Age is not a limit: It is a mere notion that braces are just meant to be for kids or growing children. It is important to bring your child for a consultation at an early age because it can help in the diagnosis of common bite problems at an early age. If you are an adult and looking for orthodontic treatment, don’t worry you are not alone, adult orthodontics is well understood and common in practice these days, thanks to new inventions and increased awareness of oral health.

You have options: Concerned about your photos with those metal braces, don’t worry we got you covered. Multiple options are available such as tooth-colored braces, and aligners. Although metal braces are still the most widely used, your dentist can guide you with the best options you have.

Pre-treatment work-up: Before starting with the application of braces, patients need to get done with a dental cleaning, cavity fillings, and removal of wisdom teeth so that they don’t interfere with treatment.

Slightly uncomfortable at the start: Well there is no way to sugar-coat this. The application of braces is not comfortable in the starting. It takes hours and a few appointments to complete the treatment and some days to get used to the braces. Soon enough you will adjust to the new changes in your mouth.

Braces are not just about teeth: While getting orthodontic treatment helps with correcting your smile, braces can also help with correcting the discrepancies in bite and jaw alignments creating a visible change in your facial profile.

Eating difficulties and dietary changes: With braces, you have to limit or eliminate certain food items from your diet. This includes gummy and sticky foods like caramel, chewing gums, and gummy bears; extra hard foods like corn-on-cob, and apples. Consider smoothies, and shakes your best friends.

Keeping it clean is extremely important: With braces, it is slightly difficult to properly brush your teeth, but it is very important to keep your oral cavity clean. Always carry a toothbrush and a travel-size paste with a gum-safe toothpick with you. Food can easily be stuck between the wires and brackets and brushing can help to keep it clean and fresh.

Orthodontic treatment is a commitment: All the money, time, and effort will go to waste if you do not follow the instructions. You have to be patient and trust your dentist. Before you even know it, you will get that beautiful healthy smile that you always desired.

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