What is Enamel Hypoplasia? (3 Certain Types of Severity)

Dental enamel is the hardest and most resistant substance in the human body, it is [...]

Drinking Alcohol After a Tooth Extraction (9 Safety Tips)

The use of alcohol in medical or dental procedures dates back to ancient times when [...]

Excessive Saliva: Why My Mouth is Watering So Much Suddenly

Savoring food, chewing, and swallowing it without difficulty have a very close relationship with the [...]

Teeth Numbers and Names Chart [Comprehensive Guide 2023]

“Distal occlusion in piece 23” and “resin for change in piece 48” are phrases frequently [...]

Why do teeth hurt? (14 Possible Causes of your tooth pain)

Dental pain is the main reason for a dental consultation: A study carried out in [...]

How to deal with dead tooth (3 effective treatments)

Teeth are made up of hard and soft tissues; and like the rest of the [...]

How to Pull out a Tooth Safely (6 Risk you Should Know)

Tooth extraction can occur at any time in life. The difference is the procedure. It [...]

5 Main Reasons why Bone Loss in the Jaw Happens

Bone is living tissue, made up of a compact layer on the outside and spongy [...]

Do Wisdom Teeth Ever Stop Growing?

Have you ever wondered do wisdom teeth ever stop growing? Wisdom teeth, or the third [...]

How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out (4 Tooth Aftercare Tips)

When people become parents, they begin an ongoing learning process; in fact, they may be [...]

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