6 tooth abscess stages [What should you do at each stage]

Dental infections are the most treated oral health problem of an emergency nature, since the [...]

How to get rid of gag reflex (8 alternative options)

An increased gag reflex can be a reason to hate dental appointments. No one likes [...]

8 Effective Home Remedies for Dry Sockets

After tooth extraction, aftercare is important to avoid complications and a possible infection that could [...]

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have? (4 Risks of Having Too Many)

Teeth are essential for food consumption as an important part of the digestive system. They [...]

Suffering from Toothache after a Filling (3 Main Reasons)

If you are wondering why you have a toothache after a filling, you must first [...]

Swollen Taste Buds: 6 Signs and Symptoms and Their Cure

Taste buds are a set of taste sensory receptors found on the tongue; they are [...]

Wisdom Tooth Hole Does Not Close? (6 Important Things to do)

The extraction of a wisdom tooth is a situation that generates tension before the surgical [...]

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Coming in (8 Symptoms to Look for)

Discomfort associated with the eruption (output) of wisdom teeth coming in is the most frequent [...]

13 Main Signs of Tooth Infection Spreading to the Body

Infections are the consequence of the colonization of bacteria in a living organism. When treatment [...]

Wisdom teeth removal recovery (4 helpful healing tips)

When the extraction of wisdom teeth is required, some questions arise such as: What should [...]

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